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Resonant Power Supply


The power supply utilizes a resonant driver that employs the high voltage winding capacitance of the transformer to its advantage.



  • 8 times less weight and 4 times smaller than a conventional power supply.*
  • Sine wave operation reduces EMI and RFI.
  • Operational frequencies up to 100 kHz.
  • Efficiency is up to 95%.
  • Over voltage and current protection.
  • Lower EMI / RFI and switching loss due to zero volt switching.
  • Winding capacitance is cancelled negating all high reactive currents.
  • Design is “Magnetics” based which yields a far more robust and forgiving circuit than conventional methods.



Suitable for any application that requires high voltage and high power, or lower voltage with very little noise.


Specifications for our 1kW unit:

  • Dimensions: 3.5” x 8.5” x 8”
  • Weight: 4lbs, 3oz.
  • Power input:  115 VAC for 12V bias supply plus external DC supply.
  • Power:  up to 1 kW.
  • Frequency:  up to 100 kHz.


Top trace is the resonant voltage across both FETs.

Bottom trace is FET drain current.

Resonant Driver




*Our 1 kW unit weighs 4.18 lbs.  DC power supply by Kepco, model KLP 10-150 weighs 15 lbs.  Total weight is 19.18 lbs.  Comparison is to a competitor’s 1 kW unit, which weighs 150 lbs.  150/19.18 = 7.82 times lighter!