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Lab Qualifications


Our Test Laboratories offer a full range of evaluation capabilities for commercial and military magnetic components.

DC Resistance down to 10 micro-ohms
Turns Ratio at 0.01%
Inductance up to 3 MHz and 100 amps DC bias
Leakage Inductance down to 1 nano-Henry
Winding Capacitance
Self Resonant Frequency
Insulation Resistance up to 1000 VDC 100K Meg Ohms
AC Hipot up to 40 KV
DC Hipot up to 60 KV
Corona Detection from 5 pico-coulombs up to 10 KV
Single Phase Exciting Current and Core Loss up to 300 KHz
Three Phase Exciting Current and Core Loss up to 400 Hz
Thermal Shock from -55 to +260 C
Load / No Load
Heat Rise
Shield Effectiveness
Circuit Evaluation and Function Testing
Three Phase, 400 HZ, 25 KW Power Generator